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A short but strong sentence right here to describe your company contribution to environment here.


Shye Guan Plastic Industries Sdn Bhd. (452027-P), was established in 1997 in Ipoh, Perak. Clean and short company introduction here.


Tell them how much and how strong Shye Guan's commitment to enviromental cleaniness here for the next generation. Your mission of reducing land scrap.


Boldly describe your company's vision. How you are actively researching methods for the rational use of renewable resources and promoting the development of products created from recycled plastic.


tonnes of plastic recycled per month


Years Of Saving Earth





This is where you can showcase your directors and key personnels!

Another bold statement to describe your team, perhaps.

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Foo Ling Yu

Job Title Here

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Sum Ting Wong

Job Title Here

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Ahmed Abdullah

Job Title Here

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